In-Home Furniture Repair

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In-Home Furniture Repair

Convenient and low-cost


   Welcome, and thanks for visiting. 

   My name is Ryan Poulton, professional wood furniture repair and restoration for over 20 years in the Portland area.



                 Refinishing (details below)

                 Structural Repairs (details below)

                 Flaw Removal (details below)


             Refinishing (in-shop only)

                   Full or partial refinishing

                    Color changes, color matching,

                     sheen matching.

                    Option of finish coat:                

                    lacquer, polyurethane, shellac, oil


             Structural repairs

                 Wobbly chair or table legs

                 Split or broken wood

                 Broken components

                 Stripped screw holes

                 Failed joinery, dowels or glue

                 Snapped legs

                 Bent hinges


             Flaw Removal

                  Minor scratches and abrasions

                  Deep cuts and gouges

                  Water rings and heat marks

                  Abraded or blistered varnish


                  Pet chews

                  Chipped or lifting veneer



House calls 

Small jobs are done on-site, right in your home.  It’s convenient and low cost.



No extra charge for weekend work.


Pickup and delivery

for larger jobs that must be done in the shop.


Free estimates

in the Portland metro area.


Furniture Repair and Refinishing

Ryan B. Poulton

503-968-1222 (no texts, please)         7 days a week

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