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                                Wood Furniture

               Repair, Refinishing and Restoration


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   My name is Ryan Poulton, a wood furniture repair and restoration professional for over 20 years. 

   I provide a highly personalized and responsive service, geared to providing cost-effective solutions to damaged or worn furniture, big jobs or small. 

   And, by offering both on-site service, as well as pickup and delivery for in-shop jobs, your convenience is assured.

   Whether it’s just replacing a hinge, a major restoration, or anything in between,  I’ll take the time to discuss your options, with pricing always quoted up front.



                    Specializing in…



Full refinishing            Wobbly chair or table               Nicks, dings and scratches

Color matching           Split or broken wood                 Water rings, heat marks  

Sheen matching         Broken components                  Stains

Color changes            Stripped screw holes                 Surface abrasions

                                       Failed dowels or glue                 Chipped or lifting veneer

                                       Broken/bent hinges                    Pet chews and scratches

                                       Other                                              Other


                                             ON-SITE REPAIRS

                       done right in your home.  Convenient and low cost.


                                        PICK-UP AND DELIVERY

                              when the work must be done in the shop.


                                             FREE ESTIMATES

                              within 8 miles of downtown Portland


              Tell me about your furniture problem…

      Give me a call, or e-mail the details on the link below.  I’ll respond rapidly.

   I look forward to hearing from you.


                       Poulton Furniture Services

                               Ryan B. Poulton



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